Cherating Beach

Location: Pahang

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Address: Cherating, Pahang, Malaysia

District » Cherating


Cherating beach is located in Pahang, about 30km north of Kuantan in east coast Peninsular Malaysia. It's among the most famous beach located in the east coast, just 3 hours' drive from Kuala Lumpur. It's a laid back fishing village, with backpacker tourism blooming in popularity now.


Located at the east coast Peninsular Malaysia, it has sandy wide beaches, although not as nice as those remote islands around, it definitely has its own charm. Asia first Club Med is also located here and till today, it is a popular destination amongst families to spend the school holidays together. It's also famous among the surfers and beach bums worldwide. It has been known as the surfer's heaven in the 70's and people coming back yearly to challenge the South China waves

Besides beach activities, there are a few educational yet fun activities like the Cherating Turtle Sanctuary, which is located just next to Club Med, set up in 1972. It was set up as turtle hatchery to protect and preserve the endangered species particularly the Giant Leatherback turtle. Out of 7 species of marine turtle in the world, 4 species actually make their way to lay their eggs in Malaysian beaches, one of it is Chendor Beach, just 1.5km from Cherating beach. Due to illegal commercialization of the turtle egg for consumption, the number of Leatherback turtle ceased.

Here you can get as many information about turtle and hatching, as well as visits their comprehensive exhibitions. Apart from knowing turtle, you can also board the Cherating River Cruise in the evening to visit the most romantic and spectacular phenomena, the firefly. Accommodation are abundant, ranging from guesthouse, backpackers to luxury resorts depending on your need.


By Land

Driving from Kuala Lumpur is enjoyable, take the East Coast expressway (route 8) and follow Cherating. It will take about 3-3.5 hours.

There are also many express buses coming in to Kuantan from most major city in Malaysia and Singapore.

By Air

Take MAS/AirAsia to Kuantan and take a public bus/taxi to Cherating beach.