Taman Negara

Location: Pahang

Location Info

Address: Taman Negara, Pahang, Malaysia

District » Kuantan


Taman Negara is nestled between 3 states in Malaysia, namely largest in Pahang which cover an area of 2,477km2, Kelantan (1,043km2) and Terengganu (853km2), with a total area of 4,343km2. It is the largest national park in Peninsular Malaysia and known to be the world's oldest tropical rainforest.


Establishes in Malaysia in 1938 as King George V National Park, and renamed to Taman Negara National Park after independence, is the largest in Peninsular, with many activities to do in the tropical forest. The park has been developed for ecotourism destination in Malaysia and every year, thousands of visitors from around the world will come by to experience the thick lush tropical jungle.

There are a few attractions in the park; Gunung Tahan is the highest peak in Peninsular Malaysia for the climbers. Near to Gunung Tahan, there's Ear Cave (Gua Telinga) and Lata Berkoh for rapid shooting, where visitor can venture the cave and enjoy the fats moving water stream. There's also Bukit Teresek for hiking, it's situated more than 300m above sea level. The initial walk is similar to canopy walkway trail, if you move on the steep climb you will reach the Two Point View, overlooking the Teresek River. Finally, do not miss out on Orang Asli village, where you can witness how the aborigines live untouched in the jungle. Accommodation range from basic camp tent to luxurious chalet/resorts. It usually comes together with the tour packages.


By Car

Coming from Kuala Lumpur will take 3.5 hours to Kuala Tahan, but you will miss the boat ride experience. Take the East Coast expressway and exit at Temerloh, and then proceed to Jerantut. Turn right at a T-junction to Kuala Tahan which is 75km away.

You can also take a public bus from Jerantut to Kuala Tahan, and it will cost RM 7.

By Boat

After arriving at Jerantut (either via bus or train), catch a taxi to Kuala Tembling jetty (RM16), the boat leaves at 9am and 2pm, and the journey take about 2-3 hours to reach Kuala Tahan.